Christian Coaching: Bringing it to the Church

christian coachingCoaching has enough of a buzz surrounding it that it seems to be cropping up all over the place in today’s church. While that’s exciting news, it also means that people are being called “coaches” when they aren’t even sure what Christian coaching really is. How exactly do you define “coaching”, how do you distinguish it from mentoring or discipling, and how do you bring this to the people in your church? Continue reading “Christian Coaching: Bringing it to the Church”

The Coaching Approach to Growth

coaching approachA while back I was agonizing over how to fund a new venture. Do I raise money, and spend the added time to form a board and do books for a non-profit? Do I enlist investors and give up ownership in the organization? Or do I take out a personal loan (which I find distasteful) and run it as a business? Several self-imposed deadlines had come and gone, and I still couldn’t decide. Finally I sat down with my friend Tim, a successful businessman who also uses the coaching approach, and asked for help. Continue reading “The Coaching Approach to Growth”