Thirteen Strategies for Making Great Decisions

making great decisionsMaking great decisions can feel like a hit or miss proposition.  Sometime we do it well and reap the rewards of making great decisions.  Other times we make a mistake and wonder where we went wrong in our decision-making process.  Often we are not very aware of the decision-making strategies we use, or of what other strategiesfor making great decisions that are available to us. Continue reading “Thirteen Strategies for Making Great Decisions”

Coaching Questions for Changing Perspective

coaching questionsLooking at a situation from many different angles is an important coaching skill. Examining different viewpoints through coaching questions (What in the past led up to this? What do others think? How does this affect you emotionally?) brings new insight and opens up additional solutions in the coaching conversation. Here are several different angles you might choose to explore, with samples of powerful coaching questions for each: Continue reading “Coaching Questions for Changing Perspective”