Coaching Significance

coaching significanceHow do you go about coaching significance? Many coaching clients are looking for significance in life. A good place to talk about significance is around the client’s objectives. “What I’m hearing is you want to get more out of your work. So let’s start by defining the target. What would a significant work life look like?” If the client is operating out of a cultural standard for success or significance, asking them to verbalize their philosophy can be a great help. Continue reading “Coaching Significance”

Abundant Life and Significance

abundant lifeBecause many individuals come to coaching in search of significance (the sense that my life is worthwhile and what I am doing is meaningful), and an abundant life, understanding how significance fits into a biblical worldview is also important. Jesus had keen insight into what is significant in life. His idea of the meaning of life is so profound it can be expressed in a single word: Agape. Continue reading “Abundant Life and Significance”

Destiny Preparation

destiny preparationA useful tool for helping others understand their life journey and destiny preparation is the Preparation Funnel. A funnel provides a visual picture of what progressive revelation of one’s call looks like. Early in life, the funnel is wide—our picture of our purpose is vague, and a lot of things fit in it. As we grow into our thirties and forties, the funnel narrows significantly. Continue reading “Destiny Preparation”