Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly

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The Dream Manager

By Matthew Kelly
207 pages

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In the style of Patrick Lencioni's leadership fables, Kelly explains how taking an interest in peoples' dreams is good business. The Dream Manager is based on the story of a real company that hires coaches to help deal with high turnover--by creating a "Dream Manager" position to help employees find and follow their dreams. (I've met that coach--click here for a post he did for a friend of mine and learn more about his faith). It's a great example of how coaching can be used at an organizational level instead of just with a few individuals. It's also a perfect introduction to coaching for executives, managers and entrepreneurs, and an inspiring read for coaches who want to build a coaching culture in organizations.

This book holds that the key to employee engagement is asking coaching questions. What really motivates employees isnít titles and paychecks, but being valued and pursuing your dreams. Coaching can change a whole organization, because it provides a way to value and reach for those dreams.

In this story, based on a cleaning company in Cincinnati, Ohio, employee turnover is out of control, and those who stay are disengaged and often unproductive. To solve this problem, the company begins offering free coaching for employees that helps any who want to todiscover and pursue their dreams. The Dream Manager finds that having their company get behind their dreams and help them make a plan to pursue them--simple dreams like buying a car, owning their own home for the first time, or learning English--makes a big difference in the workplace. Turnover drops to a fraction of what it was before, and that translates to big savings for the company as well as business growth. Price $19.95

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Matthew Kelly is an internationally-acclaimed author and speaker whose books have sold more than one million copies. Over the past decade, he has delivered keynote presentations to a collective audience of over three million people.