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The Making of a Leader

by J. Robert Clinton
272 pages
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In this classic book on the stages of leadership development, Clinton helps you understand what God is doing in the transitional seasons of your life. If you are in the middle of a career change, a significant move, or sense a coming change of seasons in your life, this wonderful handbook will help you and your coach maximize God's work in you in the midst of change. It's definitely a book that should be in every leader's library.

In The Making of a Leader, Dr. Robert Clinton identifies the key patterns God uses to develop a leader over a life. Through studying the lives of hundreds of historical, biblical, and contemporary leaders, Dr.Clinton has identified the six stages of leadership development, and documented the processes and types of events God uses to develop the leader in each season of life. Transitional seasons between stages are treated in depth, as these waypoints are key indicators of where a leader is in his or her development. Price $15.95

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The Making of a Leader - Details

by J. Robert Clinton
272 pages
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The Making of a Leader is arranged around the concept of producing a leadership time line. Reading through the book and reflecting on your own story and life experience culminates in producing a personal time line, a tremendous help in understanding the work of God in your own life. Since God works differently in each season, developing a time line with your coach is a great way to understand and engage God in the transitional seasons of life.

As you examine these timeless principles through examples and case studies, you'll see how the ministry of leadership flows from your "being", and how God is constantly at work developing that character throughout your life. The Making of a Leader will help you:

  • Identify those with the ability to lead
  • Develop and mature the leaders around you
  • Understand where you are your own development process
  • Coach those who are experiencing periods of transition, trial or frustration

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About the Author

Dr. J. ROBERT CLINTON is Associate Professor of Leadership at the School of World Mission at Fuller Theological Seminary. He specializes in leadership studies, including leadership selection, training, theory, and emergence patterns. As background for his contributions in the study of leadership development, he has extensively researched the lives of over 600 past and present leaders. He is author of numerous books and leadership studies.