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Our top-rated calling discovery books will help you find and follow your unique, God-given destiny.
The Calling Journey
by Tony Stoltzfus
188 pages
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The Calling Journey fills a vital need for coaches by mapping out the progression of stages and transitions God moves us through on the road to our call. This path includes predictable mountains to scale and painful, disorienting valleys all leaders must navigate to fulfill their destiny. Each stage has a unique growth agenda, and Tony shows how to coach each stage differently to line up with what God is doing in that season.

Filled with examples from the lives of biblical and contemporary leaders and overflowing with insight on how God works through our circumstances, The Calling Journey will provide a powerful perspective on your own journey and a great set of tools to work with those you coach.

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Coaching People Out of Flat Lives

by Tony Stoltzfus

Years ago I read a well-known book on the life of King David that really made an impact on me -Ė just not one that I think the author intended! While David is probably my favorite Biblical character, I wasnít getting much out of the book until I started to tune into the authorís point of view. Each incident in Davidís life (such as his fling with Bathsheba) was carefully examined in terms of right and wrong choices and the fruit those choices bore.

Then it hit me: there was no hint of any kind of developmental process in how Davidís life was treated. How could that be? If I had experienced the death of my best friend (Jonathan) or my wife being taken away and given to another man, or my leader and sponsor (Saul) turning on me and trying to kill me, surely it would change me inside as a person. I would (if I responded well) mature as a leader, come to a deeper dependence to God, learn to release many of the clinging things that hold us back from full abandonment to Godís will. Or if I responded poorly I might become embittered and angry. But one way or another, I would not be the same man afterward as before. The process would change me...

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The Making of a Leader
by J. Robert Clinton
272 pages
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In this classic book on the stages of leadership development, Clinton helps you understand what God is doing in the transitional seasons of your life. If you are in the middle of a career change, a significant move, or sense a coming change of seasons in your life, this wonderful handbook will help you and your coach maximize God's work in you in the midst of change. It's definitely a book that should be in every leader's library.

In The Making of a Leader, Dr. Robert Clinton identifies the key patterns God uses to develop a leader over a life. Through studying the lives of hundreds of historical, biblical, and contemporary leaders, Dr.Clinton has identified the six stages of leadership development, and documented the processes and types of events God uses to develop the leader in each season of life. Transitional seasons between stages are treated in depth, as these waypoints are key indicators of where a leader is in his or her development.

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Christian Life Coaching Handbook
by Tony Stoltzfus
284 pages
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The Christian Life Coaching Handbook (retitled from A Leaderís Life Purpose Handbook) gives you an in-depth look at how a master coach helps Christian leaders discover their life purpose. This handbook is packed with real-life stories, example coaching dialogs and over 60 discovery exercises for use as client action steps. Based on a four-part model of life purpose (Design, Passion, Preparation and Calling), Tony walks you through each major life purpose area, demonstrating powerful techniques like identifying desires under dreams, coaching around hearing God, and much more. The companion A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook provides the client with an outline of the purpose model and all the exercisesóa tremendous time-saver in the discovery process.

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The Path
Creating Your Mission Statement for Life and Work
by Laurie Beth Jones

249 pages

In a world in which we are forced to make daily decisions that lead us either closer to or further from our goals, no tool is as valuable in providing direction as a mission statement -- a brief, succinct, and focused statement of purpose that can be used to evaluate and refine all our activities.

The Path provides inspiring and practical advice to lead you through every step of defining and fulfilling your mission. With more than ten years' experience in assisting groups and individuals, Jones offers clear, step-by-step guidance that help you create a mission statement in a matter of hours rather than a month or years.

Rich with humor, exercises, and case histories, The Path is essential listening for anyone seeking a lighter, clearer way in the world.

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Listen to My Life
Maps for Recognizing and Responding to God in My Story
By Sibyl Towner and Sharon Swing
40 pages, 11" x 17" format
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Using coaching questions and life purpose principles married to historical Christian spiritual practices like the practice of the Examen of Concsciousness, this unique life purpose workbook helps you discover God's hand in your life story. Built around eight full-color visual maps you record reflections on, Listen to My Life creates a picture of your calling journey where you actually see the interconnections and meanings in your story.

The book includes eight key maps: My Life Now, My Life Story, Peak Experiences, Valley Experiences, Reviewing My Days, Desires & Longings, Life Giving Rhythms and Following Forward. A Facilitator's Guide makes offering a workshop or class using the material a snap.

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Dream Journey Workbook
By Andy and Janine Mason
111 pages

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The Dream Journey DVD and Workbook builds on Andy and Janine Masonís earlier book, the Dream Culture and its core message of bringing dreams to life. The DVD and Workbook deliver that core message in a professionally produced multimedia format that can be utilized in either a workshop setting on an individual basis. From the first DVD session, Andy and Janine invite the participant on a journey, ďan adventure with Father God where you experience more of Him and uncover the greatness He has placed inside you.Ē Sharing personal stories, teaching, demonstrations and activation exercises, the Masonís equip the participant with the tools to not only discover the dreams and desires of their heart, but practical tools to turn their dreams into actions.

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Listen to My Life Facilitator's Guide (Download)
By Rebecca Madden
PDF download, 37 pages

This Facilitator's Guide allows a life coach to lead a life mapping group experience. Built around the eight visual maps in Listen to My Life, this Guide offers 11 session outlines (some are designed to be repeated more than once) divided into sections on Life Stories, Reviewing My Days and Valleys, Desires and Rhythms. The sections can be done as separate experiences or strung together to created a longer course. A handout and facilitator's outline is included for each session, along with hints on setting up and making the most of the course.

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Calling Discovery Workshop | Presenter's Package
by Tony Stoltzfus
Complete Presenter's Package with PowerPoints--Electronic Download

Offer a life purpose discovery course to your church or team with the new Calling Discovery Workshop Presenter's Package. This new open source workshop from Coach22 provides eight interactive sessions with PowerPoints that lead people to discover and clearly articulate God's call on their lives. Built around A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook by well-known life coach Tony Stoltzfus, you'll cover what calling is, common misconceptions about call, creating a Revelation Journal, identifying your life messages, profiling the audience you are called to reach and more. The experience culminates in creating a personal life purpose statement.

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Mapping Your Calling Timeline | Presenter's Package
by Tony Stoltzfus
Complete Presenter's Package with PowerPoints & Promo Materials
Electronic Download

This interactive destiny workshop, built around the book The Calling Journey, is a perfect tool for coaches who want to offer life purpose courses to their church or organization. Each participant builds a personalized calling timeline that unlocks incredible insights into how God is at work in their lives and how to lean into his agenda for them.

This Presenter's Package includes:

  • Complete Presenter's Outlines with explanatory comments, keyed to the book
  • A Presenter's Guide with info on how to hold a successful workshop
  • A 50-slide PowerPoint presentation
  • A customizable, color e-flyer

The Open Source format (Electronic Download) means you can offer the course royalty free and customize it to suit your needs. Please note: this is not a self-study course, but a set of resources for offering a course to others.

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