Christian Coaching is growing rapidly, with more coaching books, courses and life coaching resources to review every day. But how do you sort out the truly useful coach training materials from the chaff? At Coach22, we've read and professionally reviewed what's out there in the Christian Life Coaching worlds, and handpicked only the best books, training resources and coaching courses to help you become the best coach you can be.
The Book of Job: Reflections on Suffering from Living Through the Carr Fire
The Book of Job: Perspective on Suffering from Living Through the Carr Fire
by Tony Stoltzfus

Find the goodness of God in your experiences of suffering and loss with this on-line course from Tony Stoltzfus. After the total loss of his home in the devastating Carr Fire in 2018, Tony's journals on meeting God in the midst of the experience were enjoyed and shared by thousands on Facebook. Based on his meditations on the Book of Job in those difficult days, this course was filmed in front of the ashes of his home, under a sky white with smoke from the still-burning fire. The course features:

  • Six video sessions filmed exclusively for this course
  • An account of the terrifying first few days of the fire from the perspective of an evacuee, including the largest recorded fire tornado in history
  • Tony's highly-personal journal entries written in the month after the fire
  • A set of Bible study outlines for the key questions raised by the book of Job
  • Photos Tony shot before, during and after the fire that illustrate the story
You'll be amazed to discover the hidden clues to how God was working for good in Job's life, and how the book of Job--the oldest in the bible--actually speaks of the grace of God and looks forward to Jesus incarnation.

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Coaching Changes Everything
by Luciano Lombardi
147 pages

Are you managing people? Wondering if you should hire a coach? This relevant manual, Coaching Changes Everything: Make Coaching Part of Your Leadership Behaviour, by Canadian author, Luciano Lombardi, has a whole section (pp. 208 – 230) chock full of tips. He gives techniques to use when there appears to be no options and how to handle sensitive issues in ways that avoid backlash. Whether you’re looking for help as a parent or for some coaching inspiration, within these pages you’ll find practical steps that show honor and seek to building relational capital in the relationships you value.

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How to Ask Great Questions by Karen Lee Thorp
How to Ask Great Questions
by Karen Lee Thorp
71 pages
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This short, practical volume offers a wealth of great tips and techniques for constructing excellent coaching questions. While not a coaching book per se (it is targeted at small group coaches or leaders), How to Ask Great Questionsoffers an in-depth look at many of the bread and butter asking techniques coaches use: open and closed questions, probing questions, asking about what's significant, and bringing out people's inner thoughts and true feelings.

The best feature of the book is that it includes example after example of great questions created for specific scenarios or situations. Any coach (and especially beginners, coaches in training or small group coaches) can benefit from having How to Ask Great Questions handy.

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The Invitation by Tony Stoltzfus
The Invitation: Transforming the Heart through Desire Fulfilled
by Tony Stoltzfus
254 pages, softcover
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This seminal book on Encounter Coaching by master coach Tony Stoltzfus will take you beyond coaching behavior to working with the heart--and seeing the dramatic transformation that comes from coaching a person's deep desires. And it includes access to four hours of FREE video (watch a sample here) of Tony coaching leaders through the techniques in the book!

The clearest path to the heart leads through the emotional brain, not the rational. The Invitationgives you practical tools to start with emotion and follow it to beliefs or desires, fill desires through encounters with Jesus, and overcome lifelong obstacles that are so often rooted in emotion instead of rational decision. Packed with stories, examples, tools, and models, this is a book you'll refer to over and over again.

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Open Heart Prayer Journal by Sarah Herring
Open Heart Daily Prayer Packet
by Sarah Herring
ring bound, 28 pages, soft cover

The Open Heart Daily Prayer Packet contains experiential prayer rhythms for deep heart transformation. It has its roots in the ancient prayer of Examen, while incorporating sensory experiences that access body, brain and heart. The cards are an invitation to open your heart to allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten, lead you into gratefulness, and examine your heart. In the final movement, you are invited to become aware of the near Presence of God in your life. This prayer approach can be used personally, with a friend, or with a group.

1. Introduction to O.P.E.N. heart prayer 2. Meditative focus on psalm 139 3. 4 main prayer rhythms each with scripture, body movement, & invitational prayer 4. Uses the questions for Jesus format of conversational prayer 5. Ideas and suggestions for use 6. Open heart daily prayer bullet journals (sample journal plus 18 blank journal pages) 7. Introductory video guide through QR code 8. Includes a muslin pouch with a glass heart (directions for use are in the guide) This is a wonderful way to enter into a transformative prayer experience that can bring a powerful connection to the heart and presence of God.

About the Author Sarah Herring trains spiritual directors, is a professor at Simpson University (previously an administrator for 16 years) and a team member at the Leadership Metaformation Institute. Sarah’s specialty is retreat ministry and experiential connections with the Presence of God. She leads Deep Breathe retreats with Kathy Stoltzfus, is a contributing author of Questions for Jesus and has written of 2 healing prayer journals. Sarah has a Master's in Counseling, a graduate diploma in Bible and Theology and has completed D.Min. coursework. She lives in Redding, CA.

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Your story from heaven's perspective
Heaven's Perspective Story Rewrite
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Real-Life Testimonies

Sign up for the incredible adventure of having your life story rewritten from Heaven's Perspective! We'll interview you about one of your most painful experiences in life, hear your biggest unanswered questions, and then rewrite your story as a letter from Jesus, as your life would look from the viewpoint of eternity (just like those in the book, Heaven's Perspective). You'll get insight on how your circumstances look from heaven's point of view, what Jesus was doing in those events, and how God is taking evil he didn't cause and transforming it into good.

Simply order here, schedule your one-hour personal interview with one of our trained story-writers (on the 'Thank you for your order' page), and within a week we'll send you a completely unique, 700-1200 word God-story created just for you. It comes in a beautiful embossed journal that includes the story itself, instructions for getting the most out of it, journaling questions, and a companion soaking/worship CD to listen to as you read and journal. The way you look at your own past may never be the same again!

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leadership coaching by tony stoltzfus
Leadership Coaching
by Tony Stoltzfus
320 pages
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Overflowing with practical tools, real-life stories, application exercises and time-tested growth principles, Leadership Coaching is a handbook on how to coach leaders to reach their full potential. It's an essential tool for anyone who wants to build a strong foundation in coaching.

The first section describes the part coaching can play in the larger purposes of God for a believer's life. Tony goes beyond simply pointing to question examples in scripture, to explaining the biblical values behind Christian leadership coaching. Section II shows you how to coach with a hands-on, interactive style. The book guides you through each of the seven key process elements of effective coaching in detail. Special Master Class chapters provide extra examples and training exercises for important skills.

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