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    Coaching books, Christian coach training, e-learning courses for coaches--you can find it all here, at Coach22.com. We want to bring you only the best--the books our reviewers believe are the most useful, practical coaching resources for skill-building, asking powerful questions, and bringing Jesus into your coaching conversations.  At Coach22, you'll enjoy professional book reviews by practicing coaches, tons of free articles, and the ability to talk to a real human being if you have questions about your order.

    From long experience as a coach trainer, here’s my personal list of the top five asking mistakes coaches make (excerpted from the book, Coaching Questions by Tony Stoltzfus).

    Asking Mistakes #1: Closed Questions

    Number one on our list of asking mistakes is—closed questions! Open questions are powerful questions and have two important benefits...

    Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of coaches from the charismatic stream wrestle with the question of how to integrate coaching and the prophetic. They value both, but they don’t always mix very well. Prophecy is hearing God and telling someone what he said, but the coaching approach frowns on telling. So what’s a coach to do? Today I want to show you a simple yet quite powerful way to get the best of both: Encounter Coaching...

    Years ago I read a well-known book on the life of King David that really made an impact on me – just not one that I think the author intended! It was where I learned about living what I call “Flatlander Thinking.”

    While David is probably my favorite Biblical character, I wasn’t getting much out of the book until I started to tune into the author’s point of view...

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