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At Coach22 we have over 40 life coaching books, training CDs and other resources authored byTony Stoltzfus, many available exclusively through and all professionally reviewed. Tony has been a master coach and coach trainer for nearly 20 years, and has written over a dozen books and more than twenty coaching courses, many of which have been used around the world. To see all Tony's resources, click here. Or below is a top ten of his most popular, ground-breaking and best reviewed coaching resources in 10 categories:
  1. Up your asking game with Coaching Questions
    The top-selling coaching how to on Amazon for years, because its so practical! Over 1000 examples of powerful questions, arranged around dozens of coaching tools.
  2. Learn how to coach with Leadership Coaching
    Used in many coach training programs, this book is a comprehensive look at the fundamentals of coaching, with dozens of examples, sample dialogs and skill exercises.
  3. Train others to coach with our exclusive Open Source Training Courses
    Only available through Coach22--complete, royalty-free, professional-level coach training courses with outlines, powerpoints, and much more.
  4. Coach heart transformation with The Invitation
    A ground-breaking look at partnering with Jesus to coach the emotional brain and heart. Includes 4 hours of free demonstration videos!
  5. See how destiny develops over a lifetime with The Calling Journey
    Coaching destiny can look radically different depending on the calling stage a person is in. Learn how from this research-based look at how God develops us for our call.
  6. Coach life purpose discovery with the Christian Life Coaching Handbook
    With over 60 destiny discovery exercises arranged in four categories (Passion, Preparation, Calling and Design), this book solidly grounds life purpose coaching a biblical value system.
  7. Learn intimate conversational prayer with the Questions for Jesus Mobile App
    Encounter coaching is about bringing Jesus into your coaching sessions. This devotional teaches you the foundation: asking Jesus intimate questions about beliefs and desires.
  8. Reframe from eternity's viewpoint with Heaven's Perspective
    With 17 real-life stories rewritten from the perspective of heaven, this book will show you how to take reframing to a whole new level!
  9. Take a group deep quickly with The Questions for Jesus Game
    52 cards with surprising, intimate and whimsical Questions for Jesus that get people hearing his voice easily and sharing authentically.
  10. Keep transformational coaching tools right at hand with the Engaging the Heart Flipbook
    Designed to stand on the table between you and a coachee, our flipbooks build confidence by keeping the key heart engaging tools from Leadership Metaformation at your fingertips.
  11. Click here to see all Coach22 resources from Tony Stoltzfus.

Partner Sites

  • The Christian Coaching Center
    Hundreds of free coaching articles by dozens of practicing coaches. Sponsored by
  • Leadership MetaFormation
    Get intensive training in coaching the heart--along with an amazing Taste of Heaven and powerful personal transformation--in these in-person courses.
  • The Calling Journey
    Build your own FREE calling timeline using The Calling Journey model to discover how God's hand has been working in every seasons of your life.
  • Heaven's Perspective
    Get YOUR life story--even your most painful, confusing experiences--rewritten as they'd look from the viewpoint of eternity.