The Book of Job

The Book of Job: Perspective on Suffering from Living Through the Carr Fire

by Tony Stoltzfus

Find the goodness of God in your experiences of suffering and loss with this on-line course from Tony Stoltzfus. After the total loss of his home in the devastating Carr Fire in 2018, Tony's journals on meeting God in the midst of the experience were enjoyed and shared by thousands on Facebook. Based on his meditations on the Book of Job in those difficult days, this course was filmed in front of the ashes of his home, under a sky white with smoke from the still-burning fire. The course features:

  • Six video sessions filmed exclusively for this course
  • An account of the terrifying first few days of the fire from the perspective of an evacuee, including the largest recorded fire tornado in history
  • Tony's highly-personal journal entries written in the month after the fire
  • A set of Bible study outlines for the key questions raised by the book of Job
  • Photos Tony shot before, during and after the fire that illustrate the story
You'll be amazed to discover the hidden clues to how God was working for good in Job's life, and how the book of Job--the oldest in the bible--actually speaks of the grace of God and looks forward to Jesus incarnation. To take advantage of this limited time free offer, follow this link:

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About the Author

Tony Stoltzfus has 20 years of experience coaching "senior leaders in painful transitions" to meet God in their adversity and be transformed. After meeting Jesus in the sufferings and betrayals in his own life, he helps discover how God is at work in their circumstances and how the crucible of difficulty can lead to a well of intimacy with Father. Tony trains leaders through Leadership MetaFormation in Redding, California.